Christmas Glass Hurricane

Use a glass hurricane for several Christmas centerpiece ideas using vintage ornaments and trinkets.

| Winter 2015

This is so named because you can use a wide assortment of holiday items for your centerpiece, and because it’s in a glass hurricane, which is what these large glass holders are called.

Glass Hurricane Materials

• Large glass hurricane
• Cedar, fir or pine branches, 4 to 6 inches long
• Large flameless pillar candle
• Battery-powered miniature lights
• Holiday trinkets
• Ribbon, 1⁄2- to 1-inch wide

1. Rinse and dry your hurricane. Arrange a layer of branches around the base, leaving enough room in the center for your candle. Place the pillar candle in the center, arranging the foliage on the branches so the candle sits level. Begin placing the miniature lights in the hurricane, around the candle, adding additional branches for more foliage as you work your way up with the lights.

2. When the hurricane is half full, finish placing the rest of the lights and hide the battery pack among the foliage as best you can. Place your holiday trinkets in the hurricane, pressing slightly into the foliage. I used pinecones, bells, and a couple of antique looking pendants. Other items that would look interesting could include small ornaments, cinnamon sticks, faux berries, or even old photographs of past Christmases.

3. For a finishing touch, wrap brightly colored ribbon around the base of the hurricane, and glue in place with a small dot of hot glue.

Note: It is important that you use a flameless candle. It is not safe to use a wicked candle near any type of flammable material.

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